We use a wide variety of top-quality materials in our projects, and are approved fabricators for several popular solid surfaces. In addition to traditional materials such as woods, metals and glass, we also use many different acrylics and laminates to give us the finishes we require - including plenty of new and unusual materials that designers introduce us to from time to time!

We also collaborate with a range of other specialists and suppliers. Here are a few companies we have worked with recently:

Cinimod butterfly lighting feature for ItsuCinimod Studio

Cinimod Studio specialise in the fusion of architecture and lighting design, and created the stunning butterfly lighting features in several branches of Itsu restaurant we fitted out, including Itsu St Mary Axe.

Drop-in Displays

Our food and drink counters often utilise drop-in display equipment, which we obtain from a variety of companies including Counterline and CED Fabrications.

Space Catering

Space Catering specialise in commercial kitchen design for garden centres, pubs, businesses, schools, colleges, care homes and more.  We've worked with them on various projects - including the Royal College of Art refectory in London. Find out more about Space Catering on their website.


LG Hi-Macs® is a solid surface material made from acrylics and resins, which resembles natural stone and granite. It is non-porous and chemical-resistant, making it very hygienic for use in food preparation areas.

Smithfield's awning - manufactured by Deans BlindsDeans Blinds

Deans Blinds manufacture and install blinds and awnings for both the commercial and domestic markets. Recently, they provided the red awning for our project at Smithfield, in Watling Street.


We use Polyrey when we need a decorative laminate surface that is versatile and extremely durable.

Oreon Upholstery

Oreon Upholstery provides a wide range of upholstery and furnishings services. The company has worked with us on numerous projects over many years, including providing furnishings for the stunning Butterfly Bar at Itsu's Notting Hill restaurant.

GS Contracts - selection of materials usedFormica®

We used the traditional surface Formica® when we restored some of the rooms inside the HMS Belfast to how they used to be in the 1950s.


Granite is an impressive, naturally-formed and very tough surface, which we often use to give a striking finish to a counter.

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